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The Construction of Experimental Section of Rapid Rail Transit of Xi'an Has Started

Date:  2006-12-26      Read:  1196    

    In the morning on September 29, 2006, the ceremony of starting the construction of experimental section of rapid rail transit of Xi’an was held at Nanhuan Island of Zhangjiapu Square in Xi'an. At that moment, the urban modernized transportation was launched in the ancient capital of China.
      The project of Xi'an rapid rail transit (2006-2015 years) is planned to construct 2 lines with 50.3 km. in total length and 37 stations. The gross investment amounts 17.95 billion Yuan. The ancient capital characteristics and mass transit at present as well as axial expansion should be taken into account in the construction planning in order to determine the construction of " cross-shaped " No.1 and No.2 Lines in the road network.
Earlier on No.2 Line was started. It is the skeleton from north to south in Xi’an, with 26.4 km. in length. It passes through Mingcheng District with the densest population, links up the municipal administration center, the economic development zone in the northern suburb, a provincial stadium in the southern suburb, Xiaozhai commercial & cultural center and Chang’an District. Also it connects North passenger station of Zhengzhou~Xi’an Passenger Dedicate Line and the long-distance road passenger terminal such as the passenger station in the northern city etc., thus the external communication can be improved.
Xi'an is a famous ancient capital and an important city in West China. In order to establish the large-capacity rapid rail transit system, the principles of urban layout— "enlarge the urban skeleton, optimize the layout, expand the periphery, reduce the central density, protect the scenery of ancient capital, develop the north and south space, extend the development from east and west " should be formulated, thus an international metropolis that the ancient civilization and modern civilization add radiance and beauty to each other, the old city and new city show respectively the style and features, also the humanistic resources and the ecological resources mutually depend on each other.
      The design of experimental section of rapid rail transit was finished by FSDI. FSDI participated in first-phase preparation in 1999, successively presided over and finished the feasibility study report of No.1 and No.2 Lines, and the special topic reports on preservation of cultural relics, environmental impact assessment etc. FSDI submitted the preliminary design documents of the experimental section of No.2 Line in May, thus the construction of experimental section started.


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