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Preliminary Design Alternative of Lhasa~Rikeze Railway Passed The Initial Review

 Date:2006-12-26           Read:1297         

       From November 30 to December 5, 2006, the Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Railways organized the expert groups to take on-the-spot survey of Lhasa~Rikeze Railway and held the review. The preliminary design alternative of Lhasa~Rikeze Railway passed the initial review.
      Lhasa~Rikeze Railway Line will be proposed to construct in July, 2007. In the Review Meeting, the project design group of FSDI submitted the alternatives. The approved alternative is: taking Lhasa railway station as the initial station, this line will pass through Qushui County, Maxiang village of Nimu County, Buren County, Bailang County, and then arrive in Rikeze railway station. The total length is 254.8 km. The bridges & tunnels approximately account for more than 40% of overall construction quantity. The total construction period will be 3~4 years. It will be completed during “eleventh 5 years plan”.
     Deputy director Ren Runtang, vice-chief engineers Mao Bin, Ding Liang and the experts from the Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Railways, and vice-president Li Ning, vice-chief engineers Lou Wenhu and Li Guoliang from FSDI, as well as the officials of other units concerned, also inclusive of personage from Qinghai~Tibet Railway Company, Tibet Autonomous Region, and the related departments of Rikeze attended the meeting.

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