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Qinghai~Tibet Railway Line

Date:  2006-12-22      Read:  3372    
      Qinghai~Tibet Railway Line starts from Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province, ends at Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region with the total length of 1956 km. (newly-built Germ~Lhasa section is 1142 km. in the total length). It is the longest railway line in the world, which runs across the plateau, severe cold area and continuous permafrost area. There is totally 960 km. line located in the area with the altitude over 4000m and 550 km. situated at the continuous permafrost area. In order to conquer three difficult problems such as “permafrost construction, environmental protection and plateau physiology”, FSDI upheld the request of “high starting point, high standard and high quality”, and persisted in combining design with scientific research and works practice together closely. After tackling a series of key scientific and technological difficulties, FSDI has obtained “dynamic design” in entire construction process of Qinghai~Tibet Railway Line, and realized “three great changes” on design, idea and construction controlling as well as established the solid theory and practice foundation for making Qinghai~Tibet Railway Line the world first-class plateau railway line. Through learning widely from others’ strong points and based on digestion and absorption knowledge, also combining practice with innovation, a series of survey and design technique of the railway line on the plateau and permafrost area, with independent intellectual property have initially formed.
     The longest bridge over Qingshui River of Qinghai~Tibet Railway is 11703.62m in total length and located at Kekesyli Natural Reserves where belongs to extremely unstable permafrost area with high-temperature. The design of “substituting bridge for road” settles the potential permafrost harm and the channels for the wild animals are now open.
     The highest bridge over Sancha River of Qinghai~Tibet Railway : Sancha River extra-long bridge stretches across Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Sancha River Gorge. The pier foundation cuts through the fault over 30m deep in the northern foot of Kunlun Mountains. The pier is 54.1m in height and it is the highest bridge of the whole railway line.
     Fenghuo Mountains Tunnel is the highest above sea level in the world, with the rail top at elevation of 4,905.
     The Kunlun Mountains tunnel is the longest permafrost tunnel in the world, with 1,686m in total length. It passes through various fracture zones and unfavorable geological zone and is considered the kaleidoscope of geology in the plateau. Eight items from among the nine scientific technical items held by FSDI were adopted in the construction of the tunnel.
     The scenery alternating with station The stations of the whole line are roughly classified into three kinds such as passenger stations, unattended landscape stations and unattended ordinary stations. The design of stations along the line reflects the rich culture, nationality and regional circumstances, integrating Tibetan cultural with architectural style, also the rich personality structure with unique dominant color and the models. “The scenery alternating with station” becomes the beautiful scenery on the snowy plateau.
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