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Brief Introduction of FSDI
    China Railway First Surver & Design Institute Group CO.,LTD. (FSDI) was established in Tianshui of Gansu Province in January, 1953. In March of the same year, it was moved to Lanzhou of Gansu Province. In November 2003, FSDI was integrally incorporated into China Railway Construction Corporation from The Ministry of Railways. In December, 2005, FSDI was moved to Xi'an of Shaanxi Province. Since half century, FSDI has already completed key construction projects of state (province and ministry) which spread over 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as well as Iraq, Nigeria, Tanzania and so on. Feasibility study, survey and design of every phase of 400,000 km. of railway lines have been accomplished. The total mileage of railway main lines has been up to about 20,000 km., among them there are state long trunk line railways such as Lanzhou~Urumqi Railway, Qinghai~Tibet Railway, Baotou~Lanzhou Railway, Baoji~Zhongwei Railway and etc. At the same time, FSDI also participated in subway projects in major cities, successively undertook the highway projects over 10 provinces and cities, and designed the large-scale interchanges which have the important influence in the whole country. 
       FSDI holds 15 Nation Class-A Certificates in aspects of engineering survey, engineering design, engineering construction supervision, engineering consulting, geology calamity assessment, intellectualized building and survey etc. Being the formal member of FIDIC Member Association, it has been authorized to engage in foreign economical and technological cooperation management. The business scope covers six big design fields. There are about 4000 staffs in FSDI, and over 2000 engineers and senior engineers, 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 State Survey and Design Masters, 21 experts who get the state special allowance.
     In the recent 20 years, more 250 prizes have been successively awarded to FSDI by state, provincial governments and ministries, including excellent project survey, project design and software as well as prizes for scientific & technological advance etc.,such as The Application of Controlling Sand and Protecting System adopted by Baotou-Lanzhou Railway line won State Science and Technology Advanced Special Prize; Qinling Extra-Long Tunnel won State Science & Technology Advanced First-Grade Prize, two golden medals of Geological Prospecting and Excellent Project Design respectively. In 1995, among all national large comprehensive class-A survey and design units, FSDI was first issued Quality System Certificate (ISO9001) which covers engineering survey, design, engineering consult, supervision and overall contracting etc. In 1997, FSDI was elected the national advanced institute in practicing overall Quality Control, and was one of the corporations that issued Credit AAA by China Industrial & Commercial Bank and China Construction Bank. In 2003, FSDI was admitted to be “ A good credit corporation for performing contract ” by State Administration of Industry and Commerce.
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